Book Proposal? Check

After my last post I continued working on my book proposal but I realized I never really explained what goes into one. So here it is, my recipe (as outlined by my literary agent) for a Book Proposal:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Word count
  • Tagline – A one sentence summary of your book
  • Back Cover Blurb – Exactly what it sounds like
  • Abbreviated Bio with author photo – Turns out I’m super boring because it was really hard to write that.

The above must fit on one page.

  • 1-3 Page story synopsis – Harder than it sounds
  • Competitive analysis – Had to go to the library for this one.  I needed to compare my book to other books, explain why they’re similar/different/will attract the same reader.  Thank god for the public library.
  • Marketing Strategies – where I listed all my social media outlets and my follower count
  • The first three chapters of my book

And that’s it.  That’s what goes into a Book Proposal.  It may look easy but it still took me several hours of writing and researching.  (I love you Novi Public Library!!!)

I sent it off to my agent and now all I can do is wait.  Something I am truly awesome at.  In the meantime I am going to continue working on my third book (working title is Djinni in a Bottle) and when I want to procrastinate I’ll do my polish draft on Seer.  That means getting rid of some of the words I’ve overused (looked, shrugged, was, that, it, etc.)

Bye for now!

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