Got my Groove Back

So sometimes, in fact, oftentimes, I need to take a break from a project.  I actually took several years between the time I started Seer and the time I finished it.  The words just wouldn’t come to me and, the more I tried to force it, the worse my writing (and frustration) became.  That was the case with the Djinn book I was working on.  At my current pace, it was going to end up as a novella rather than a full book and I didn’t want that for this story.  I’m sure I can think of additional subplots, plot twists, and surprises but not now.  I really like the work I’ve put into the existing characters and want to give them the benefit of my best possible writing.

That is why I have decided to, temporarily, put Djinn on the back burner and pursue a new project.  This is the first book that, going in, I know will be a series.  It is called Hindsight and is a modern tale about the Greek Fates.  It has a bit of Dresden File flair thrown in for good measure as well.

In the past two days I have written a little over 4000 words and am happy to say I’ve got my writing groove back.  This series is going to involve a lot of research to make it happen as there are many things I know nothing about that I will need to learn a lot about.  If anyone knows of a good dive bar in the metro Detroit area comment on this post with the name and city.  I need to do extensive research on the running and management of a bar.  On the purely writing side of things, I’m happy with how I’m progressing.  In the second chapter I’ve written my most violent scene to date, but that doesn’t mean all the excitement’s over.  Far from it.  This will be a contemporary fantasy thriller that dazzles and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.


Bye for now!


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