Tomorrow I turn 28.  It feels weird.  Like I might finally have to start calling myself an adult.  I pay taxes, I go to work every day and I have my own place.  That’s being an adult, right?  I really love my birthday, it’s one of my favorite days of the year.  I don’t know why, as I rarely do anything special on that specific day.  Usually celebrations fall on the weekend before or after.

But there’s something special about having a day to celebrate another successful journey around the sun.  I’ve made it.  I got through all the hardship and all the struggle of the past year and successfully landed at the age of 28.  Sometimes I feel like 28 is a long time, sometimes like no time has passed at all.  The months when I am happier go by so much faster and those months are growing in number.

It isn’t even about the presents, though those are always nice, it’s about celebrating with the people I love, who love me in turn.  It’s basically a celebration of the fact that I am surrounded by people who care about me.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that.  I have a list of daily affirmations that I go through to help remind myself that I am an important part of several people’s lives.  Ten years ago seems like an eternity.  Back then, I thought I was grown up, that I knew all there was to know.  I was still just a baby.  I think, in part, I’m still a little bit of a baby.  So many experiences are out there waiting for me and I have so much more living left to do.

As far as Birthday posts are concerned this one got a little abstract but it’s what I’m feeling and my goal is always to be truthful on this blog.

Happy (almost) Birthday to me and

Bye for now!

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