So Sleepy and Audience Participation

This month (September) is the month of busy weekends.

  • 9/8: Renaissance Festival
  • 9/15: Pentatonix Concert
  • 9/22: Lantern Festival
  • 9/28-30: Writers Digest Indie Lab Conference

I’m tired just looking at that list, lol.  But I get to spend each weekend doing fun stuff with the peeps I love, and can you ask for a better month than that?  If you don’t know who Pentatonix are go and Youtube them right now.

I’ll wait.

Just kidding.  But seriously though, they are an amazing acapella group that has been around for seven years and they don’t just have stunning voices, from the amount of positive energy they let loose on that stage, I am going to make the assumption that they also are stunning human beings with great personalities.  Granted, I am basing this exclusively on the way I saw them joke around with each other on stage but I’d like to think I’m pretty good at reading people.

The day after I slept in.  Like, Sleeping Beauty has nothing on me.  I got to celebrate my birthday again with all my family and round out my week of Birthday celebrations.

In writing related news, I FINALLY hit 20k on my latest work in progress.  Now just 60k to go.  No problem.  Gotta keep reminding myself that writing a book can take a while and I need to be patient with myself.

Now I need some help from you.  Yes, YOU!  I have this idea that may or may not be terrible.  Because the Main Character of my newest book (potentially a series) owns a bar, I want the chapter titles to be alcohol related puns.  Examples include: Any Port in a Storm, Bloody Mary, and The Daiquiri you Know.  If you can think of others please comment with them.  You might see your suggestion in my book!

Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “So Sleepy and Audience Participation

  1. Oh girl you are speaking my language with these drink puns!!!

    -Not Ale its Cracked Up to be
    -Lager Than Life
    -Shiso Fine
    -Something in the Whey
    -Deja Brew
    -I Saw the Stein
    -Pitcher in the Window
    -Old Fashioned Man

    I will send you more as I think of them. You have unleashed the beast

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