Writer’s Digest IndieLab and UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Happy 1st Day of Halloween!

I had an amazing weekend with Annie in Cincinnati.  The weather was gorgeous, the panelists were well informed in their subjects, and the hotel was probably the nicest one I’ve ever stayed in.

The first panel, hosted by Michael LaRonn was great for a number of reasons.  He really gave me in depth information about the best way to engage an audience.  He also provided me with an in-depth review of my website, including suggestions as to how I can improve.

With that being said, over the next couple of days (unless I can do it all today) the site will be going through many changes as I follow his recommended alterations.  The good news is the most important part (the blog posts) do not need to be changed as he said they are great!

I also spoke frequently (we kept bumping into each other) to Amy Gibson, a marketing specialist.  She laughed when I told her one of my comparable authors was Jim Butcher because he’s her cousin!  Small world.

My ultimate goal is to go to the main Writer’s Digest conference in New York in 2019 so I’m going to start saving now and hope that my book is published by then so it can be featured in the New Authors collection that they put on display every year.

Bye for now!

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