Sharing is Caring and Puppies!

So, in my efforts to broaden my reach without giving Facebook my hard earned money, I ask that those of you who follow me on Facebook share my posts with your friends.  It only takes a second to press that ‘Share’ button but it would mean the world to me!  If you are one of my Twitter followers then ‘Retweet’!

Now, moving on to important matters…like puppies.


I am finding it difficult to concentrate 100% at work because this is a dog friendly office and my friend Erica got the most adorable puppy.  His name is Maverick.  He peed on my desk the first day he came to the office but I still love him.  Such a good pupper.

As you all know from past posts and my About page, I have two cats.  Those who follow me on Instagram know I also have a family dog.  I don’t know if anyone else goes through this but every couple of months I decide, “I want a dog”.  I do the research, I scour the local shelters, and I inevitably find a dog that fits my criteria and bond with it immediately.  It is then the responsibility of my hard working friends and family to remind me I can barely take care of myself.  Let alone my cats.  Let alone a dog.

So if I ever write in a future post that I am getting a dog, do not hesitate to stop me via the comments section.  Future Emma will thank you for your intervention.

Bye for now!

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