Theater Bizarre


If you are anywhere near the Metro-Detroit area let me tell you about a little thing called Theater Bizarre.  And if you like the strange and disturbing, and aren’t close to Detroit, check out the site below anyways.  I am a strong believer in the idea of road tripping in the name of making memories.

I went to this event Saturday night with my friend Seven and it was just as weird as I remembered.  If you wanted a brief description I would have to pull a line from Matt Braunger’s comedy bit and go “Da da dadadada time to do shots!”  That is, essentially, the long and short of Theater Bizarre.  For me, I abstain from the actual drinking part as I don’t really drink alcohol.  Which is something that is making it incredibly difficult to write about a bar owner in my Work In Progress Hindsight.  I couldn’t go to Theater Bizarre last year and my experience the year before that (i was sick with the flu) was a bit like what I imagine taking LSD and absinthe at the same time would be.

This year was just as fun.  I met my friend Seven and her husband Andrew and we managed to hit every room at least once.  This included, but was not limited to, bizarre short films, burlesque shows, unmentionables, people hanging off of hooks, bondage performance art, contortionism, acrobats, acrobats performing with fire, the Ghost Train, and so much more!

If you live in the area and think you might want to take a peek behind the spiderweb covered curtain, they are also open next weekend (Oct 19/20).  Check it out and post any pictures of your adventure in the comments!

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