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I like to think that, when embarking on a challenge, I give it my best.  That’s really all you can ever do: your best.  I don’t believe in that whole, “Give it 110%” nonsense, because it is an impossible task.  You can’t do more than your very best at any given time.  To suggest otherwise is just setting yourself up for failure.

With that in mind, having given it my best shot, I am reuniting the two halves of my Seer novel so that it is, once again, a stand alone book.  While I might have been able to get two books out of it, that would have required me ending book one in an awkward place so as to get the necessary content for it.

When I broke Seer in half I was left with two sections: the first was 35k words, the second was 58k words.  Now the second part I could turn into a full length novel no problem.  But for it to make sense, the divide would have to remain just like that.  Which meant pulling an additional 50k words for part one out of the deep and terrifying abyss that is my brain.  Well I’ve reached the end of part one, having filled it with additional subplots, characters, and descriptions galore and wound up with a grand total of 45,000 words.  For those of you who need a point of reference, the first Harry Potter book was 75,000 words.

That being said, I am putting the halves back together, confident in the knowledge that I did all I could to double the content.  I wouldn’t want my story to be stretched so far that it is no longer interesting.  So that’s where I am right now.  I’m going to work on some story lagging and plot holes brought to my attention by the wonderful Alyssa and tighten things up before calling it finished.

Bye for now!

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