Research is weird and No More Ads


So you may have noticed that ads are no longer on my site.  Or not.  Whatevs.  But they’re gone.  I had them in an effort to drum up some side income.  But, seeing the above numbers, I’d have to have superstar popularity on a daily basis to even come close to making any real money.  With that being said, Begone Advertisements!

If you asked to see the Internet History of any writer you would pause, process, then run screaming from the room.  That is, if you didn’t know they were a writer.  Knowing that a person is a writer, while browsing through that internet history would still make you pause, process, and then give a very concerned look in your friend’s direction.

That is because dragons, I’m sorry to say, aren’t real.  But flying reptiles were.  Faeries are not accepted as real by the greater population (much to their folly and inevitable doom).  Because we are not taught about selkies and summoning charms, mermaids and curses, or any other supernatural things in the oftentimes depressing syllabus that encompasses public school education, writers have to do this research on their own.

How many people (outside of a Criminal Justice major/professional) know the minimum distance to keep oneself from an armed attacker while your gun is holstered?  The answer is 20 feet because an assailant armed with any form of hand to hand combat weapon can close the space of 20 feet in the time it take to draw and aim your gun.

So we have to look up some pretty weird stuff in our pursuit of knowledge.  The old adage, “Write what you know” has thankfully been adhered to by next to none of the scifi/fantasy community.  Otherwise, most of my favorite books would not be in existence.

So next time you peer over your writer friend’s shoulder and see something grisly or disturbing, take comfort in knowing it is all in the name of research.

Bye for now!

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