A Finicky Guide to Picking out Books



Many of you are aware of the library I have amassed over the years.  Three years ago, when I moved, I actually cut it down significantly.  That being said, I have built it back up to its former glory and dread the day when I will inevitably have to move and be forced to box it all up.

All.  Five.  Bookcases.

You may think, with a library of the size I have, that I will just buy any book that catches my eye.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I actually go through a multi-step process each time I think I want to buy a book.

  1. If the title is interesting I pick it up
  2. If the cover is interesting I turn it over
  3. If the blurb on the back cover/inner flap is interesting to me I read the first page
  4. If the first page hooks me then I will find a corner somewhere and read the first chapter
  5. If, and only if, I like the first chapter enough that I want to read the second, I buy the book

You’d think, with this rigorous filtering process, that I wouldn’t have so many books, but what can I say?  They call to me.

Bye for now!

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