My Gosh Durn Potty Mouth


Whether it be YA or Adult, I have set my sights on writing Fantasy and Science Fiction.  And as long as the story is good and the characters are developed that should be all I need to worry about, right?


It turns out, YA books aren’t supposed to have the level of swearing that I am comfortable with.  Given that I learned the F-Bomb in Fifth Grade, I am not really sure how to hold a PG rant, or throw a YA friendly insult.  This is a problem, because while I would be happy throwing out words like a$$hat and fustercluck (you know what I mean) my agent assures me that, for YA this simply will not do.

I have tried thinking of appropriate alternatives, consulted insult generators, and even googled ‘PG swear words’ but it has been a frustrating and fruitless search.

So I come to you, the reader, on bended-knee with hands clasped.  I implore you, please give me some swear words that are PG without being stupid.  I tried, and I think I fried a circuit in my brain.  My ears have been smoking all morning.

Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “My Gosh Durn Potty Mouth

    1. Cycling through lists of things might allow you to subtly show a character trait / interest or insert a little humor: greek and roman gods for a history buff, cartoon characters or characters from iconic books or video games (Mario Cart!), 60’s rock bands, days of the week in foreign languages, etc.

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