Post-Holiday Post


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Well hello everyone!  I hope your Thanksgiving festivities were enjoyable.  Mine were great.  I spent so much quality time with my little sister that she probably got sick of me and tons of time with the rest of my family.  We had good food, good laughs and all around good times.

And now, to herald in the Christmas season, it’s snowing!  At least, it is in Michigan.  Beautiful big white flakes of joy dancing through the sky like little paratroopers parachuting down.

I was delightfully surprised to discover that most of the drivers I encountered on the roads did, in fact, remember how to drive in the winter so it was a relatively pleasant commute.

The holidays weren’t all holly and jolly though, I did get another rejection notice from a publisher over the weekend.  Which sucks, but it also means that the right publisher just hasn’t seen it yet.  Though if I do continue to get rejections I’m going to revisit the idea of finding someone to professionally edit my book and then I will go through and make the suggested revisions.  I don’t know if publishers review re-submissions, but I would definitely send it to Tor for another look-see.

That’s all I have for today.  I’ve already started decorating the office.  As far as I’m concerned, the second Black Friday started, so did Christmas.

Bye for now!

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