Did I Really Write a Love Triangle?


I’m not one to judge when it comes genre preference.  If you like Twilight, read Twilight.  If you like bad writing, read 50 Shades of Grey.  Ok.  Maybe I judge a little bit.  But I do appreciate books like 50 Shades because, if something like that can become an International Best Seller, then there’s hope for my book.

Silver linings, and all that.

That being said, my fantasy duology has an unintentional romance aspect to it.  Did I mean to?  Hell no.  But my Main Character went and got a stupid crush that is now my Ship and I will sail that ship forever.  For those of you who don’t know, ‘ship’ is the abbreviation of Relationship, and is used to describe two characters that the reader/viewer believes are meant to be together.

So I have a main character.  I also have two secondary male characters who happen to like her.  A lot.  I hate this trope.  When I realized what I was writing, I was momentarily horrified.  But then I realized that just because something is mainstream and overdone, that doesn’t mean it’s now persona-non-grata in the writing world.  It just means one must tread cautiously when the trope is concerned.

So I will continue down this path, making sure that the Ship doesn’t crash into my plot and set everything on fire.

Bye for now!

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