Back to Basics: Because I Totally Have Time for College


So I’ve got a lot going on in my life.  I’m making big changes, trying to better myself, and reaching out socially.  All in all, my schedule is pretty full.  So naturally I decided to go back to school.

When I say go back, I don’t mean I’m getting another degree (no way in hell am I doing that).  No, I have applied to Macomb Community College under a Personal Enrichment Application for the purposes of taking an Intro to Creative Writing class.

Now you might say something like, “Emma, you’ve written two and a half books and have an agent.  Why are you taking an introductory class??”  The answer is simple.  Mentally, I am feeling a bit stuck.  My writing is more of an uphill battle than it usually is and I think I might need a refresher in the basics.

I strongly believe you never stop learning, and if you think you know all there is about a subject, you’re probably wrong.  The world of writing is vast and I have explored about as much of it as man has explored the ocean.  (Not a lot)

I would have taken a class at the much closer Schoolcraft Community College, but their only In Class (I don’t learn well online) option was during work hours.  I tried Oakland Community College as well as various others in the vicinity and none of them were even offering the course this semester.  So MCC, here I come!

Bye for now!

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