The Magic of Stickers



Apparently I have the reward based personality of a five year old.  All I needed to stimulate my writing was a bunch of stickers.  954 stickers to be precise.  Trying to set a reasonable goal, I set each sticker to a valuation of 500 words.  Since implementing this plan on the 11th of December, every day  has been a two sticker day.

It still amazes me how much joy those stickers give me as I place them on my calendar.  I originally considered increasing the valuation on the stickers to 750, or even 1000 words, but I really enjoy the feeling of getting more stickers so I’m going to leave it as is.

I’m still going to take the Creative Writing class at Macomb CC but it’s good to know I’m over this slump.

In fact, last Friday was amazing for two reasons.  One, it was a THREE sticker day!  Two, I hit 40k words on Seer 2!  Only 40k to go…no problem.  Lol.

Bye for now!

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