Time For a Brain Break (Shows to Binge)



Things are a little wonky this week schedule-wise, what with the holidays, so no ‘Fun Fact Friday: The Fun is Relative’ this week.

So all work and no play makes Jack Nicholson an axe murderer.  Especially for writers who can get so wrapped up in plot hurdles and writer’s blocks the size of the Kaaba.  So it’s nice every once in a while to take a break, step back, and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s creativity.

I could go on and on about books that suit each and every mood but then I’d end up writing a novella-esque love letter to my personal library and none of you have time to read something like that.

Today I’m focusing on TV shows.  More specifically, the shows that you say, “I’ll just watch one episode,” and then three hours later you realize you’re too far down the rabbit hole to turn back.  That’s right people.  The binge-able shows.

GoT – Game of Thrones is amazing.  There are no words to describe just how awesome it is.  There is a great deal of complexity though, so you’ll miss a lot the first time you watch it but, if you start now, you should be able to catch up before the final season comes out this April!

The Handmaid’s Tale – On my most recent insomnia plagued night, where I just didn’t sleep, I decided to watch an episode.  Four episodes later, the sun started rising.  I haven’t finished season one yet but I can already tell this show is life changing.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.  But be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart.  And coming from me, that’s saying something.

Jane the Virgin – If you like silly with a splash of romance, a dash of intrigue and a sprinkle of awesome then this show is for you.  It is nowhere near as mentally taxing as the previous two shows I’ve listed.  A very fun, light comedy.  Except for the end of season 2.  That messed me up a bit.  And then something just happened in season 3 that has me questioning if i’m going to keep watching…Nvm.  Don’t watch it.  Watch Strong Girl Bong Soon for a good dose of comedy on Netflix instead!

The 100 – After a (semi) comedic break you might want to watch something else that will get you emotionally invested in complex characters only to have them brutally killed before your eyes.  I have watched this show in its entirety at least four times.  It is amazing.  Go watch it.  Now!  Go!

Friends – I’m going to end this rather emotionally tumultuous list on a happy note.  I love this show and will watch it whenever it’s on.  While its technology and fashion dates it, the themes and humor transcend the generations, appealing to an audience of all ages.  I’m somewhere between a Phoebe and a Chandler, personally.

That’s all for today, please share any shows that you love to binge watch in the comments.

Bye for now!

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