Another Year Gone

As Dumbledore once said.  But unlike Hogwarts, there is no ceremony to celebrate past achievements.  There is no House Cup to be won.  If falls on your shoulders to remember the good, and how it almost always outweighs the bad.

Because there was a lot of good this past year, no matter how I feel today or tomorrow, it is important to remember that.  The bad is never as bad as it seems at the time and, like Gandalf says, “This too shall pass.”  2018 held a lot of victories this year, one of which being my contract with a Literary Agent.  It went a long way towards assuaging my fears that I was just playing at writing.  It validated my feelings that there might be real talent in the way I string together word after word.

Looking ahead, I anticipate many more victories, and the inevitable failures that come to everyone.  Life is like a field of roses.   Beautiful, but with hidden thorns.

I want you to take a pause in your day and write down at least three awesome things that happened to you this year.  It could be something as simple as a resolution to get into a regular sleep schedule, or to clean out your closet.  Or it could be something as big as losing those stubborn pounds or getting that promotion at work.  Every victory is important.  Every win is a milestone.

I hope that you have as many, if not more victories in 2019 than you had in 2018.  I wish you the strength to survive the bad and the time to step back and appreciate the good.

For myself?  I just want to finish third drafts of Seer, books 1 and 2, as well as find a publisher for The Sword and Shield.  No big deal, right?  *sweats nervously*

Bye for now!

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