First Day of College…Again


As I said in my last post, I’ve been to college.  I went through all the random Gen Ed classes and the painful math and science classes and emerged victorious, diploma in hand.  So why, you might ask, am I doing this to myself?  Especially since I already took a creative writing class in college.

Well the simple answer is that I am feeling a little lost in my writing as of late.  Adrift in an ocean of words with neither anchor nor rudder.  I have found, whenever I am lost in a particular subject, that it’s best to return to the basics.  And that is exactly what I will be doing for the next 15 Weeks, every Tuesday from 6-9PM.  Thank goodness for adderall otherwise I don’t know if I’d make it.

My first class was Tuesday and it got off to a rocky start.  First, I was 30 min late because I went to the wrong campus.  I could tell as soon as I walked in the classroom that this was one of those professors that absolutely loathes tardiness.  If I thought it was cold outside that night, it was nothing compared to the icy look she gave me.  I may have emotional frostbite.  Once I stopped panicking about imagined death stares I actually really enjoyed the class.

The reason I elected to take a class that was nearly an hour’s drive from work (with an hour to get there) was for two reasons.  The first being that it was one of two colleges that were offering the course outside of work hours.  The second being that I went on and the woman teaching this class has phenomenal reviews.  Having sat in her class I can see that she most definitely earned those reviews.  She is able to engage a class and hold their attention, using exercises that stimulate the mind creatively and assigning a book that I can already tell is an invaluable resource for my career as a writer.

One week down, fourteen to go.  Can’t wait to delve back into college!

Bye for now!

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  1. Yikes, a three-hour class AFTER a full work day? You go girl! Also, the prof can get over tardiness on day one, for crying out loud. Take a chill pill lady.

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