My Lord and Savior: Grammarly


I would build an altar to Adderall if it was a deity but there’s really no room in my condo so I just thank the medication for existing every single day.  For my readers with an Instagram or Facebook, the idea of Targeted Advertising is nothing new.  It’s almost eerie how specifically tailored advertisements can be on a social media feed.

In this case, Instagram was practically screaming ‘GRAMMARLY’.  So I decided to check it out.  The main reason I waited so long to do so was that I thought it costs money.  And if you want a premium membership sure, it’s about the same as a monthly Netflix membership.  But I’m telling all of you, go to ASAP and download the Free, yes, FREE Plug-In.  This thing is magical.  I’m talking Adderall level magic.

It found almost 1000 grammatical and word choice mistakes in The Sword and Shield.  It turns out I use commas like some people use the word ‘like’, sprinkling it throughout my prose in great excess.

Like I said, this is a FREE Plug-In and I would highly recommend that you all download it NOW.

It is the food equivalent of eating a double-stuffed Oreo.  You can never go back.

Bye for now!


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