U of M: Here I come!


I wanted to wait till I actually got accepted to announce this but the acceptance e-mail came last week and I’m over the moon!  I am now officially a student of the U of M Grad Program ‘Health Information Technology’.


To get into the College of Education, Health and Human Services I had to write an essay called a Statement of Purpose, get letters of recommendation and all my past transcripts.  They make sure that only the people who really want it get accepted.  Now, you might ask what makes me say that as everything I listed is pretty standard for a grad program.

The reason for my anguish and frustration is because the website was designed by a sadist.  Or a D&D DM bent on making the students of UofM partake in a quest where the ultimate goal is graduation.  I have saved certain pages of the UMDearborn site to my favorites simply because I’m afraid I’ll never find them again.

It turns out getting accepted was only the beginning, now I must run the gauntlet that is creating my student account and signing up for classes.  I was smart enough to get accepted into the program, now the true test begins!

Update:  Since I wrote this I was able to contact UofM’s admissions office and they re-sent me the activation e-mail so I can get this show on the road!!!

Bye for now!

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