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Writing a book is a funny bit of business.

It starts with an idea, oftentimes a seemingly nonsensical idea, that would lead a layperson nowhere. But as a writer, it is your job to plant that seed of an idea and nurture it, till it grows into a story. But you can’t stop there because now it’s time to transplant your little guy into a bigger plot and flesh out some characters. And after you’ve got characters you need to give them something to do. That’s where plot comes in. And once you’ve got the plot, or sometimes even before that, you start writing.

It’s sort of like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie except way more work.

That’s what last weekend was all about, essentially. I had an idea, not even an idea, just a thought. I wanted to write a story about a lawyer. Since then I have written seven chapters, sketched out the summary of what has the potential to be a trilogy, and leafed through a legal dictionary to find chapter titles.

I am so excited about this new project, but don’t think I’ve forgotten The Sword and Shield or Seer. I actually have some exciting news on that front, though I’m not quite ready to share it with the world. As soon as I have something solid I will tell you all about it.

Anyhoo, that’s where I am in my life as a writer.

Bye for now!

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