Where Does Inspiration Come From?


The Muse is a fickle wench who visits artists at her own pace.  Sometimes she can go years between visits, while other times she might be feeling mischievous and decide to surprise you in the shower.  Wherever and whenever she deigns to appear, you better be ready.

Keep a notebook by your bedside and a whiteboard in your bathroom.  As quickly as she appears, she vanishes without a trace.

Seriously though, inspiration is not magic.  It doesn’t come from nowhere.  It is the culmination of everything you experience in life.  I didn’t come up with The Sword and Shield by closing my eyes and wishing.  I took note of a poorly healing cat scratch and thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if there was an assassin with an autoimmune disease?’  That’s it.  76,000 words later I had a book.

Obviously that isn’t ‘it’ but you get my point. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

If you confine yourself to the same activities, the same books, and little else, you will be confined in your writing.  Even if all you do is utilize the Discover function of Instagram, be sure you’re doing something to broaden your horizons.

And don’t be afraid to be silly.  Magic rings and talking trees resulted in a multimillion-dollar franchise.  Even if you never use it, getting an idea down on paper can segue into something you will use.  There are no bad ideas in writing, just poorly executed ones.

Bye for now!

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