Write Here, Write Now


This post is going to be short and sweet and that’s because it’s a concept that doesn’t need to be over analyzed.

Carpe Diem

People put it on bumper stickers and tattoo it on their arms but how many people actually do it?  ‘Seize the day’?  It’s not just a fun saying, some might argue it’s a lifestyle.  For the purposes of this blog, it is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle of writing.

Because the book you want to write will not write itself and while tomorrow is a tempting time to start it’s always a day away.  If you don’t buckle down, put pen to paper, and start word vomiting on the page then you will regret it.

Years down the line when you wonder why you never got around to penning that novel idea you were so excited about, it will not be because you didn’t have the talent.  It boils down to fear.

That’s right, fear.  Fear of failure.  ‘You can’t fail at something you never try’ is one potential argument that I am going to shoot down like a shotgun aimed at a clay pigeon.

Having the talent to do something, and not pursuing it, is failure itself.

So pick up that paintbrush!  Boot up that laptop!  Do the thing you know deep down to the roots of your soul that you were born to do!

I believe in you!!!


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