First Week of Classes! aka Let’s Defer aka It’s my Birthday!!!


If you keep up with my blog, you know that I recently made the decision to go back to school and pursue my masters degree in Health Information Technology.

I love helping people and have an affinity for working in healthcare so it seemed like an easy decision to make.

Don’t worry! I’m not giving up on my love of writing. But as I’ve said in many previous posts, I have an aversion to homelessness that can only be fought by maintaining a full time job.

However, between the teaching style of the professor, the intensity of the coursework, and the fact that 15% of my grade would depend on a group project COMBINED with the fact that I just started an intense new job, I decided now was not the time to re-enter the world of academia.

I considered deferring till the Winter semester, however, I have been informed that working at Rock Connections on the Penny Campaign in January is absolutely bananas.  It’s like Black Friday every day and everything must go!

So summer it is! The good news is, that gives me plenty of time to study the textbook and become better acquainted with the material.  The bad news?  There really isn’t any.  It’ll take me a little longer to complete the Masters program but I’m at a job I love and don’t really mind the delay.

By the way, I turn 29 today!!!

Yay me!

Bye for now!

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