The Pinterest Marathon


I spent most of my free time Friday, and five minutes this morning, uploading all my blog posts to My Pinterest Profile.

The reason it took me so long was because they kept putting a spam block on my account to prevent, well, spam. Which is understandable because I was attempting to upload 107 posts rapid-fire to the site. But it was still super annoying.

Now, some might argue having my blog posts distributed amongst the sites of WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, AND Pinterest might be a bit of overkill, but I don’t see it that way.

I am an unestablished, debut author, untested in the waters of publishing. No one (aside from you, my lovely wonderful followers) really has any idea who I am or why they should bother spending their hard earned money on my book.

That is why I am eternally grateful to my agent, Alyssa, for urging me to start this blog almost one and a half years ago.  Not only did it allow me to build up a fan base, and slowly but surely explore the world of marketing, it also acted in much the same way that a diary would, allowing me to reflect on my writing process and the feelings I would have otherwise dismissed.

So, while it was a tedious and hella boring process, I did it. I now have another platform upon which to stand with my metaphorical speakerphone and shout about my writing and my book.

So if you guys are avid Pinteresters (is that the word?) then don’t hesitate to pin my posts to your boards, thus, spreading awareness and allowing me to slowly but surely take over the internet MUA HAHAHAHA!

Well shoot. I’ve shared my secret, evil plan, of world domination.

Oh well.

Bye for now!

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