Writing Conferences: Why You Should Be Attending Them & Why Not All Are Created Equal


Writing itself is a solitary endeavor.  We sit at a keyboard/notebook/scroll of parchment and we pour our souls onto the template of our choosing.  But being a writer doesn’t mean you have to be alone.  There is a whole community of other writers out there, spanning the globe, that understand you in a way that friends and family are unable to do so.

The Writing Community is a vast, wonderful, and wonderfully weird one that everyone who writes should take advantage of.  There are many ways to do this, whether you join a local writer’s group, participate in the interwebs based community, or take part in local writer’s conferences.

That being said, I would advise you to just be aware that not all writer’s conferences are created equal and, just because you may have a bad experience at one, does not mean you should paint them all with the same brush.  The reason I’m prompted to say this is because I recently went to a disappointing writer’s conference near me.  I actually left early. It just felt very unfocused and the speakers weren’t up to the same caliber that I am used to.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going to conferences though.  They are a wonderful way to learn tips and tricks as well as network with fellow, local authors.

It is also where I made the connection that led me to obtain my wonderful agent!  I signed up for several meetings to speak with literary agents to pitch my book The Sword and Shield and actually struck out at first.  However, it’s all about who you know and that is what saved me.  I spoke to an agent who wasn’t interested in my work, but knew of an agency that might be.  That is how I was introduced to C.Y.L.E. Literary Agency who eventually signed with me!

Just because things seem like they aren’t working out, don’t give up hope.  You may not be able to walk through a door but who knows?  Maybe you can climb in through the window!

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