Back to the Beginning: My Contract Offer


When I received my contract offer from Black Rose Publishing I received a message containing the below message and a review of my book.  I thought you might like to see them!

The highlight of the email read as:

We feel strongly that your project will make a successful addition to our publishing house. I am excited about adding an author with such high potential to the Black Rose Writing family.

And, when discussing my book, they said:

The Sword and the Shield avoids the killer “starts slow and boring” sin of far too many action books by starting off with, well, action. This book grips the reader from page one, and the author very skillfully weaves nuanced character development bit by bit into both action and follow up sequences. The characters are rich and developed, plus the book’s settings so well described that the reader feels “there;” something critical to a fantasy adventure. In short order the reader feels they are immersed in the book’s alternate world and know (and care about) the various characters, not an easy thing for an author to pull off. The plot is well developed and believable and the book ends perfectly for sequels. Moreover and best of all, the book leaves the reader wanting more. A very nice piece of work and a great read.

Needless to say, I was very exited by this take on my work and thrilled to sign with a publishing house that valued my book as much as they do.

Bye for now!

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