Great Gifts For Your Weirdo Writer Friend (December post)


It’s about that time of year! The season of giving. CHRISTMAS IS UPON US!!!

If you’re like me, you finished buying your gifts ages ago, but I recognize I am the exception, rather than the rule, where this is concerned.

Sometimes shopping for your writer friends can be hard, as they give vague and abstract requests for presents including, but not limited to: inspiration, a personal muse, a social life, and sleep.

So for the friends of writers, I have compiled a list of things to get them:

Let’s start with Etsy:

Next is a lovely site called Uncommon Goods:

Amazon, how I love thee:

Redbubble (my sticker hub):

Finally, do NOT buy them notebooks or journals. We hoard them like dragons hoard gold and believe me when I say that we take it unto ourselves to buy as many as we can. They call to us like the one ring called to Gollum.

(This list is not a list of suggestions for me, btw, I have a lot of this stuff already, lol)

Bye for now!

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