GIVEAWAY (Twitter and Facebook)

Hello friends, family, and followers,

You guys give me your attention every week and, while I return that time spent with continuous new content, I feel like giving a little bit more this week. Especially in honor of the fact that I’m on AMAZON!

Not only that, but I am blessed with the ability to announce that I just signed a contract for my second book, Seer!!!

If you go to twitter/facebook, follow me, and retweet/share my most recent post you will be entered into a contest to win this:


“When your story gets stuck, Writer Emergency Pack has the tools you need. Fix plot holes. Spice up stock characters. Rethink your themes. Writer Emergency Pack contains 26 illustrated cards, each featuring a different idea for getting unstuck. The notion of using cards to help you write isn’t new. Writers have long used tarot cards, looking for meaning in the illustrations, or decks like Oblique Strategies, with its koan-like prompts (“Repetition is a form of change”). The ideas in Writer Emergency Pack are designed to be less abstract, and more immediately useful. They’re specifically tailored to people writing fiction, from novels to scripts, poems to plays. The cards focus on story, character, and conflict. Writer Emergency Pack gives you the questions that lead to great answers.”

Add yourself to my e-mailing list on my site to get an extra entry!

Good luck and

Bye for now!



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