Udemy: A Cheaper Alternative to College


So long as you don’t need the credit hours to fulfill any requirements, I would wholeheartedly suggest opting out of college and going to udemy.com if personal fulfillment is the only thing you’re after. It’s an internet based database full to the brim of subjects ranging from Tarot to Blogging to Coding and so much more!

Plus, they’re always having some sort of sale so the ridiculous price attached as the Retail Price, never really applies. The most I’ve paid for a course is $10 and then  you get to keep it for LIFE!  Or until WW3 destroys any and all infrastructure supporting the interwebs, leaving us in a dystopian hellscape.

Anyhoo…back to personal improvement. So far, I have signed up for four courses. They cover Blogging (because of obvious reasons), novel writing (again, obvious), social media marketing (because I suck at it), and Tarot (because the Main Character in my Work in Progress reads Tarot and I want to be accurate).

All the courses I’ve seen come with a mix of documents and videos that you can watch and review as many times as you want. I like to listen to the lectures during my morning/evening commutes and then go back and take notes and really pay attention so I can soak up the info twice.

So if you see any improvement in this blog over the coming months it is because I have been studying. It’s all for YOU, the reader.

Bye for now!


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