But Did You DIE?


Those who know me are painfully aware that, for such a low-key person, I am a drama llama. An aggressively over-the-top describer of insignificant inconveniences. For instance, as I write this post at 6:50PM on a Thursday, I am currently dying.

Am I, really? No, not really. But if someone asks me how I am, that’s what I’m going to tell them. Most people would say, instead, that they are tired. Or sleepy. But no, I’m dying.

I think my tendency to overexaggerate is what has helped me to become a better writer. Because no one wants to be told that the character is just ‘tired’. They want to know that the character is tired.

Ezra’s body, heavy with exhaustion, just barely managed to drag itself to the chair before collapsing.

Now that’s something you don’t just know, it’s something you feel.

And I believe making people feel something is a huge part of what writing is about. It’s about bringing them into your world and, if you do it properly, helping them to see that world through your eyes.

So while I may be a bit overzealous in my everyday life, I promise, that energy goes to make some pretty awesome characters and worlds.

Bye for now!

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