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I know I spout off a lot of stuff about things you should do, and things you shouldn’t do, but believe me when I say there are exceptions to EVERY rule.  Don’t you dare let my perception of what is the correct way to do things in any way limit your creative growth!

The world of writing is wonderful because any one method is one of limitless possibilities.  While there may, arguably, be some wrong ways to go about the art of writing, those instances are rare.  Whatever process gets you to the end is a winner in my book.

That being said, any civilized society is based on a set of rules that must, however loosely, be followed lest anarchy reign.

I recently came across an author on Facebook who was offering to coach his fellow writers. The advert had a very basic spelling mistake and I, being a natural shit starter, pointed it out.

He then went on to explain that he was an infinitely better writer than I ever had a chance of being because he didn’t allow himself to be bogged down by such trivial things like spelling or grammar. Even thinking about the absence of such things from my writing makes me twitch.

What I’m trying to explain with this story is that, while in the first and even second and third drafts quality is not as important as the story, you can’t forgo quality in the end.

I’m not saying that Facebook author doesn’t have the right to be proud of his work, but if you don’t care enough about what you’re putting out there to correct a simple spelling mistake then maybe you should keep it to yourself.

End of rant.
Bye for now!


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