Fear is the Mind Killer

I wrote this one a while ago but it is especially relevant at this uncertain time.


Not just a tattoo I want to get, or a line from an excellent series of books.  ‘Fear is the Mind Killer’ is one of my favorite quotes. In the series, Dune, the above serves as the ‘Litany Against Fear’ a prayer used by the order of the Bene Gesserit.

‘Fear is the mind killer’ is something that, I believe, speaks to all of us.  Fear is not just a mind killer, though, it is a killer of potential.  Fear of failure can paralyze a person, rendering them incapable of pursuing their dreams, taking a chance on a new job, or putting their trust in someone.

Fear leads us to irrational, and oftentimes self-sabotaging behaviors that can render the very result we were afraid of in the first place. I know for a fact there have been instances in my life where fear held me back from achieving my full potential.

I recently had to come to terms with my own crippling fear.  My fear of failure.  Of disappointing those I love and respect by not living up to my potential.  I am fortunate enough to have a Team Leader at my current job who is doing a fantastic job helping me through the process of shedding those fears that are preventing me from being my best self as well as friends and family that make me want to be the person they see when they look at me.

I am beyond lucky to have her as she is helping me to grow, not just into a better Team Member, but also into a better writer, more willing to take those risks that need to be taken.

Bye for now!


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