It’s Ok To Take It Easy


I’ve seen a lot of posts online stipulating that, since we’re all stuck at home, we should use this time to our advantage. To clean the entire house, learn a new language, write a book, read a book, take up a new hobby etc. I’m here to tell you that is not only incorrect for the majority of the population, it could potentially be damaging to your mental health as a whole.

Right now the world is going through a joint trauma the likes of which have not been seen before in the Twenty-First Century. Not just millions, but billions of people have been affected by this virus and the oftentimes oppressive new numbers are sometimes too much to bear. So when someone tells you that you should be doing more now that you’re home, tell them you already are. Tell them you’re coping with this new, harsh reality and adjusting to a world that may never be the same.Instead of becoming crazily productive, take this time instead to practice a skill that many oftentimes overlook to their own detriment.

Self Care.

Take that bubble bath you never have time for, give yourself a mani/pedi, if you want to take up a new hobby make sure it’s something that brings you joy. For those who, like me, are social isolating alone (quadrupeds don’t count) make sure to utilize face time to see the people in your life. I’ll admit, I would go to pretty extreme measures for a simple hug but I can’t have that right now so I have to do my best.That’s all any of us can really do in this new, uncertain time.

Our best.

Bye for now!

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