New Job, New World

So in late March I received an exciting offer. To give you a bit of background though we have to go farther back to February. That’s when the first round draft picks were taken from the healthcare campaign I was working on and moved them to the mortgage campaign I am now working on.

I was upset when the initial move took place because many of the people being moved to start the new mortgage campaign were close friends. Thankfully, I needn’t have worried as, in mid-march, I was made the same offer. To transition from my previous post to the one I am currently loving.

The thing that made this whole transition unusual was that it took place in the middle of a global pandemic. Near the end of March I had already transitioned to working from home and saw no end in sight. I was advised that I’d receive training with the rest of the onboarding team members via Zoom calls and emailed cheat sheets. To say that I was petrified is an understatement. I have never been good with e-learning. Any online classes I’ve taken part in have been complete disasters.

And the first two days of classes followed that trend in a spectacular fashion. I had a full blown panic attack Tuesday, convinced I was too stupid to do this and that I should just quit.  Obviously I wasn’t and obviously I didn’t but that’s where my head was at.

Over two months later and I am loving this job. All the stress is behind me and I am reveling in the fact that this position has half the stress and half the complexity. It also  has a 4/10 schedule, meaning I work 4 days a week and get three days off. So I’m loving this.

Is the situation ideal? No. But working from home is a lot less awful than I initially anticipated and I look forward to a schedule that incorporates both working in the office and working from home.

Bye for now!

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