It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams!


There seems to be this common misconception, this unspoken rule, this bullshit, that you need to achieve your dreams early in life.

And you very well might, but don’t give yourself a deadline.  If you don’t publish your first book till you’re 50 that’s still earlier than the average person.

Because, as sad as it may be, most people don’t achieve their lifelong dream. Many don’t even come close. But for those who have achieved that monumental task, it was by no means an easy accomplishment.

Let’s look first at J.K. Rowling. At one point this phenom was once homeless, jobless, divorces, a single mom, and suicidal. She had nothing going for her except for a determination not to give in to despair and a brilliant mind. We all know how her story develops but for those who were under the impression that they have to be a published author in their 20s, she didn’t publish the first installment in the Harry Potter series till she was 32, which is still tremendously impressive.

Thomas Edison’s famous story of the thousand and one lightbulbs is a testament to not giving up, but his fierce determination in the face of adversity began far earlier in life. In fact, while I was doing research for this article I was delighted to learn that I share something in common with the man. We were both called stupid by teachers. Not exactly the most fun commonality to have endured but I’ll take what I can get. Not only was he told that he was “too stupid to learn anything”, he was also fired from his first two jobs. Edison’s is a story of true determination in a world that would have told him to give up.

My favorite rags to riches to infamy to fame has got to be that of Alexander Hamilton. Why? Because I love the musical. And when I say ‘love’ I mean I have almost every single word of every single song memorized. The man went through some serious shit.

On that note, I will bid you a fond farewell. I hope some of these examples help to motivate you that, even when things seem darkest, it may be just before the dawn.

Bye for now!

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