‘Another!’ They Say

So after a little over two months post-release I am averaging 4/5 stars on most of the sites where reviews are available. That being said, I need you guys to take 30 seconds to do a Google review as well! Apparently there’s only one and it isn’t good.

But overwhelmingly the response has been positive and that fills me with an indescribably breathtaking joy. Yes there are some negative reviews, but if I waited to release my book till I thought it would be loved by everyone then I would be waiting a very very long time.

One of the most common comments is that they are excited to see what comes next for Ezra, what my next book will be, or what the sequel will entail. I’ll be honest with you, when I finished The Sword and Shield I had no intention of writing a sequel. While I knew Ezra’s story was hardly over I felt that I had provided enough closure to satisfy readers.

That being said, I have begun writing the sequel. I have written out a plot summary and most of Chapter One. It is still a ways away from being a reality (at least 2 years if not more) but I promise that it is going to become a reality even if it drives me to the brink of bat-shit insanity.

In addition, I am waiting on my agent to send me a contract! I won’t go into specifics yet but it’s definitely an exciting SOUNDING development. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Bye for now!

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