Dirty Thirty and The Missing Muse

Well it’s here. I leave my twenties behind for the much touted greener pastures that are my thirties. Everyone who dwells in this pasture brags about the amazing times they’ve had since arriving and I’m hoping they’re right. Because while I had some amazing times in my twenties I am ready for a change.

One thing I was hoping the universe would gift to me as a birthday present was the rather monumental achievement of selling 3000 books by my 30th birthday. I came SO CLOSE! And yet, so far. Since March 26, 2020 I have sold 2,805 copies of The Sword & Shield. I recognize this achievement is massive in and of itself but the reason I was so excited at the prospect is that I have very little else to celebrate as far as my writing is concerned.

The well is dry. My creativity is on hiatus and/or my muse is on vacation. Aside from a picture book I haven’t written anything substantial since the RONA hit and words can’t describe how much that bums me out.

But there is good news coming, I can feel it. As many of you know, I suffer from a pretty severe case of insomnia. That is, until I upped the sleeping pill I’m on. I was previously getting about 7 hours of fragmented sleep throughout the night. But now I’m getting solid sleep. And I go to bed around 8:30/9:00. Which means I’m waking up hella early. It is my deepest and most fervent hope that my creativity will return and I can use the 2-3 hours of extra awake time to write and knock out The Sword and Shield’s sequel!

Bye for now!

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