I Love You Too Australia!

So last month August 20-21 Amazon AUS (Australia) featured The Sword and Shield as part of a promotional discount program that they run. Not sure how I was chosen but I was just happy to be a part of it. In the 24 hours that this promotion was live I sold a whopping 163 books!

When the publisher told me I quickly rushed to the Amazon AUS Sword & Shield page and got these screen grabs. Gotta love having a ‘#1’ next to something of yours!

Australia has never been on my radar for places to visit because I have a Ronald-Weasley-sized fear of spiders and in the Down Under they grow to be just about as big as Aragog or Shelob. But if books continue to sell at such a rate in the outback then I may have to get over those (incredibly rational) fears and add it to my bucket list!

In other news, I read a post on Instagram that suggested converting one’s own manuscript to *shudders* Comic Sans would help with the flow of creativity. Because I’ve been in a dry spell inspiration-wise as of late I’m ready to try anything. Even…that.

🙃Wish me luck.🙃

Bye for now!

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