Stagnation: The Silent Killer

Personally, I love having a routine. Especially in these uncertain times, a little bit of certainty can go a long way to calming the anxiety that lurks in the dark alleys of my mind. But too much of any one thing is going to end up hurting you in the long run. That is how I came to recognize my new arch-nemesis: stagnation.

This sneaky villain has a way of calcifying one’s progress and leaving the victim in a state of monotonous misery. It is the sepia-toned beigeness that creeps into life and saps the energy out of spontaneous and creative pursuits and turning the person it preys upon into little more than an unchanging statue.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little.

If you stick to what you know and “stick to the status quo” as was once so wisely sung in High School Musical then you will never grow. Did I mean for all of that to rhyme? No.

That is why I have taken on some new hobbies and interests. The first of which is resin. It started with a simple idea that exponentially exploded into a full grown obsession. The idea? Make bookmarks to give away with the sale of books at events. It’s a simple concept. I mold a tiny sword and then put that solidified resin sword in a bookmark mold and pour the resin around it. Now I’m also making popsockets, the top of an end table for my living room, wedding favors for my sister’s wedding next year, and a super secret surprise that has involved a great deal of trial and error (emphasis on the error).

My second interest is a new show called My Hero Academia. An anime set in an alternate reality wherein people are born with superpowers, this fun, dramatic, and sometimes startling show has me hook, line, and sinker.

I have also taken up journaling, courtesy of the birthday present given to me by my sister Laura. It’s formatted as a question/answer book so I’m not free to hyperfixate on the negative and spiral as I usually do when I journal.

Well that’s it really. I’m going to go back to cleaning my condo (I took the time to write this as a way of procrastinating), and having a lovely day.

Bye for now!

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