Dust Yourself Off and Move On

This is a bit of a sequel to a previous post about rejection. Because it’s never fun and no matter how much you tell yourself it wasn’t meant to be it still smarts a bit. Especially when you give your all to something only to discover it’s not going to work out.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard. For someone like me, when I get invested in something I overcommit. Not to say that you shouldn’t be passionate about the things you want, but sometimes I get ahead of myself. I have a habit of imagining what could be instead of focusing on what is. To a certain extent that’s a great trait to possess, but not always.

My biggest problem is that sometimes I have a hard time being grounded in the moment. I choose to lay the blame 33% with my anxiety, 33% with my ADD, and the final 34% comes from a need for personal growth. I am not above recognizing that we are constantly evolving into better versions of ourselves, always in flux between who we were and who we have the potential to become.

I got off on a bit of a tangent but let me bring us back on track. Rejection is going to happen. Failure is going to happen. It’s how you react and grow from it that defines you as a person.

Bye for now!

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