Halloween, A Blue Moon, And Anxiety Up The Wazoo

Well this past Saturday was Halloween. I neither participated in the tradition of costuming, nor did I adorn my porch with festive ornamentation. I sat at my computer and worked for eleven hours. Because nothing say Spooky Season like cashing in on 2.5 hours of Overtime!

But seriously though, I did participate throughout the month of Halloween (yes it’s the whole month).

Also drank out this magnificent water bottle all day

I decorated my desk and entered myself into a costume contest at work:

Ravenclaw through and through

I think I looked pretty badass if I do say so myself!

I actually won the Spooky Spot contest for decorating my desk but I don’t have pictures from its height of glory and I will not show you the meager remains of my prize winning display as they detract from the awesomeness of my costume pictures.

Saturday was also a Blue Moon. As in, ‘Once in a blue moon’. That. And given that it was taking place in 2020 I took no chances. Holy water in one hand, heavy hardcover book in the right, I awaited whatever foul being would arise…

If you’re reading this such an event obviously did not take place and the BEAST of legend has remained entombed for another millenia…

Anyhoo, this week is a very important week. An incredibly important week. Possibly the most important week of the year. This is the week we find out what president we get for the next four years. I will not say anything about my political affiliations but will say that you have no right to an opinion on politics unless you VOTE!

That being said

Bye for now!

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