BIDEN You ARE The Father

Last week was arduous to say the least. It was the Election Day that would not end. Like groundhog day but so much worse.

Day after day last week I tried and failed to unplug and focus on my own life rather than a situation that I had done everything I could to encourage the outcome I so desired. When I tell you I will be naming my burgeoning ulcer ‘2020’ I am not kidding. Like, whoever decided to put Dolores Umbridge in charge of this year needs to take a long walk off a short cliff.

But mid-morning Saturday someone posted the results in my work chat. I quickly googled ‘election status’ because I needed to see it with my own eyes.

Ladies and gentleman:

President Elect Joe Biden

I can only hope that, now that the results are in and the next four years no longer hold a giant, blinking ‘?’ that the divisiveness that has gripped this nation will ease. I have no illusions that it will dissipate completely but I do hope that our country will find a way to heal.

Maybe now that this unknown has finally been answered enough stress will alleviate that I can get over this writer’s block and actually finish S&S’s sequel!

Bye for now!

One thought on “BIDEN You ARE The Father

  1. If I was half as eloquent as you are, I would have written similar words. You have spoken my heart, I am 66 years old, and remember a time (not all that long ago) when such divisiveness, bitterness and anger wasn’t even thought of, let alone voiced. I am now taking a deep breath and praying for an end to that phase of our country’s history, and hoping we can go forward, righting wrongs humanely and with love.

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