It Takes A Village

My good friend and fellow team member Bethany showing off her latest Amazon purchase!

While it’s not impossible to get through life alone, I’d hate to feel like I ever had to. In that facet of my life I have been very blessed indeed. I have an enviable support system made up of not just friends and family, but also coworkers as well.

That’s probably one of the most magical things about the company I work for. I have yet to meet an unlikeable person within the walls of the Family of Companies. Granted, there’s 20,000 of us (give or take) so I may just not be looking hard enough – but I doubt it.

The reason I bring up coworkers is that, upon hearing that I wrote a book, my friend Bethany proceeded to buy it on Amazon. (See above for the picture she sent me upon its arrival.) She then not only shared her purchase with the rest of my team, expressing her eager anticipation to read it, but she also shared her purchase on Facebook.

If you have not already done so, and have the ability to take a selfie with a copy of my book or the cover featured on your e-reader and then share it on social media that would mean the world to me. Marketing is one of the aspects of being an author that I struggle with the most so any help in that area would be appreciated immensely!

That’s all I had for this week,

Bye for now!

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