Neener Neener

So here’s the thing. Sometimes shit happens. It’s inevitable. Like I said in a recent post, you’ve gotta dust yourself off and move on. But I feel like I didn’t emphasize enough how you only lose in that situation if you don’t find a way to grow from it. The way I grew from being unmatched with by a seemingly great guy? I stole his book idea. Well…technically.

His idea was, and I quote: ‘sexy construction man in space’. If anyone wants that idea it’s all theirs, lol.

But what his idea did do was prompt another space related idea that didn’t sound like a 99 cent Kindle porno. And while I’m insanely excited to get to work on it right away the VERY LEAST I have to do is finish S&S’s sequel’s first draft so I can pass it on to my agent for thoughts. So what’s a girl to do?

She’s going to take advantage of the fact that she gained an extra hour (writing this on 11/1 when we ‘fell’ back an hour) during one of her nights of insomnia to outline this bananas plot that popped into her brain so that, when she finally IS ready to pursue it, she won’t have forgotten everything.

Don’t worry ladies, I will be sure maintain the original vision by way of the protagonist’s sexiness.

Which is why, to Rob on Bumble who unmatched me:



Bye for now!

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