Four Months and Counting and Vision Board

For those of you who are new, welcome! And as newbies you may not know that, in addition to The Sword & Shield I have completed another, completely separate novel. Seer is a Young Adult standalone fantasy that I wrote in a freakishly short time (less than a year). I know some people can pump out multiple books in one year but that’s not me so let me bask in the glow of my own accomplishment.

Anyways, I wrote Seer, my agent shopped it out, and the lovely publishing house INtense picked it up. As of now it releases in late April and the final cover is being polished as we speak. Shortly thereafter I expect to get the editor’s notes on the manuscript for me to review and then my second book baby will be that much closer to being born!

In other news, we were assigned the task of creating a vision board for work and this is what I came up with:

The top picture is rather self explanatory, I plan on completing The Sword & Shield sequel this year. Given that I had originally intended on completing it by this month I intend on finishing the sequel this year or die in the attempt. To the right of S&S is a picture representing my aspirations for an organized and clutter free condo. Bottom left is my goal to work towards a healthier self and bottom right is my ambition to get promoted at work.

Something I feel is necessary when setting a New Year’s Resolution, or creating a vision board is that the goals are attainable. I have no intentions of setting myself up for failure which is why I am confident that I have the power to achieve everything on that board!

Bye for now!

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