Back to Reality (Ope There Goes Gravity)

New work laptop!

Eminem I am very much not, but the line fell in line with my current emotions. I have been back from Florida for a week. Part of me (right before I clocked in on Monday) wished I’d taken the day off for the purposes of easing back into things. Part of me realized that I’d just be antsy and bored all day or just nap on and off, rendering the day utterly wasted.

It was a good week when all was said and done. I got some chores done that I’d been putting off since the Cretaceous Period so that felt good. It wasn’t difficult to get back into the swing of things with work. The person who covered for me is a capable Team Member and a stellar human being so I wasn’t worried.

The afterglow carried me through to the weekend which, for once, I had off. One thing that I had to do which was less than fun was take all the edits me and my lovely editor Annie worked on and put them in the document for my publisher. The editing process itself was fun, but the legwork after the fact was a bit tedious. AND that’s only Binder #1. There’s a second. Seer is roughly 100,000 words so it’s a bit longer than The Sword & Shield.

I quarantined for the week following my return and made a quick trip to Beaumont Urgent Care to get a COVID test just to be safe. Just because I haven’t developed any symptoms that doesn’t mean I’m not an asymptomatic carrier, capable of spreading the virus to others. I absolutely refuse to let carelessness on my part lead to the pain/suffering/death of another human being.

So all in all re-entry into the real world was relatively smooth. I, unfortunately, managed to bring Writer’s Block down to Florida with me as it related to the Sword/Shield sequel but I did think up and outline the premise of a new (and my first) sci-fi novel! It currently sits atop a precarious pile of projects that must remain on the backburner until this sequel is complete. I’m going to finish The Sea & Storm by the end of this year or I’m going to die trying!!!

Bye for now!

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