The People Who Made Us

My Tata and me when I was one and a half.

Whether you believe in nature or nurture, there is no denying that the people in our lives have a considerable effect on who we grow up to be. We are the sum of our parts and those parts are largely made up of the things in life that influence us. Music, current events, people both fictional and real.

Some of those people are with you from the start and some join you after you’ve already begun the journey and how you live your life plays a big part on the quality of people who are with you in the end. This post revolves around someone who was with me from the beginning and left too soon, my ride-or-die, my Tata.

Family and friends are a huge part of why I am the “adult” I have grown into. In some cases I can narrow down a personal trait, quirk or bad habit down to the person it came from. If Tata were to be represented on the pie chart that is my personality she would occupy a significant portion of it. In her last years I probably spent more time with Tata than any other person.

Personality traits that we shared, for better or worse, include but are not limited to:

  • Shopping as a coping mechanism (currently trying to unlearn that one)
  • Being blunt
  • A whackadoo sense of humor
  • etc etc and so on

I will always treasure the memories I have of her and will honor her memory by living my best life and by inserting some of her more hilarious character traits into the people who reside within my fictional worlds.

Bye for now!

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