Sorry I Went M.I.A. Last Week

A lot was going on in my life last week and I had no mental energy to spare for a blog post. That being said, after a quick respite, I’m back on my A-Game!

Updates in the life of Emma:

My agent is shopping a children’s book I wrote out to publishing companies and if you guys could send me some positive vibes and luck that would be greatly appreciated!

I have finished my edits on Seer and now am just waiting for the final proof before the whole thing is approved.

I haven’t written much for The Sword & Shield sequel as of late but that’s about to change. Starting this week I will be dedicating 30 minutes in the morning/30 minutes in the evening to writing and I will not be allowed to leave my desk until I have expended those 30 minutes on writing and ONLY writing.

Re-arranging my external and internal spaces. I’m making some changes to the layout of my condo to take full advantage of the space. In addition I’m going to be going through every piece of clothing I own and either selling/donating it or keeping it and PUTTING IT AWAY. Internally, I went to a seminar that prompted me to buy one of the speaker’s products. It’s a 30 day mindfulness journal and I’m hoping it will help me to realign mentally.

That’s everything that’s been going on in my life,

Bye for now!

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