COVID & What Ace Representation Means To Me

One of the things authors are constantly striving for is something new. Something different but most importantly, something unexpected. When the idea of making the protagonist of my story ace (asexual) first occurred to me it was simply because it was something I had almost never seen in contemporary literature, let alone fantasy.

Little did I know the impact that decision would have. I received messages from people thanking me profusely for including a character “like them” in a leading role. It was humbling and made me realize that as a Caucasian female there is no lack of literary heros for me to look up to. However, for those with invisible/chronic illnesses (like Ezra’s) or people who are part of the ‘+’ in LGBTQ+ that representation can mean everything.

I remember watching Community and calling my friend who recommended it, excited to the point of being giddy because one of the characters was (like myself) Palestinian. I was thrilled! The idea that I’ve brought even a modicum of that kind of joy to others is almost overwhelming.

My plan is to continue to explore underutilized facets of human nature so that everyone can feel like they are represented.

In other news, April 20th I tested positive. Not for weed, which would have been appropriate on 4/20. No I tested positive for COVID-19. Since then I have been in isolation. I lived a similar life during Shelter in Place but I don’t remember it being this hard.

At least with shelter in place I could go to the store. Aside from walks with Gipsy I don’t even leave my condo. Partly so I don’t expose others but also because I don’t really have the energy. In addition I’m almost constantly dizzy which rules out just driving around just for a change of scenery.

I don’t normally handle isolation that well but who knows. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of a writer who can’t go outside give me hope that at least my quarantine will be interesting!

Bye for now!

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